Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Holiday Season is Upon Us...

Weather turned one this past month and Belle turned 3 years old

This is Weather's 1 Year, photo: She's born November 1st.

This is Belle's 3 Year photo: Her birthday is Black Friday because she was such a bargain deal!

Belle dressed as a witch for Halloween.

Wei dressed as Minnie Mouse. She went trick o' treating in Disneyland and was BY FAR the cutest dressed one there. She also helped me score plenty of candy and apples, cranberries, and carrots for them.

Belle carrying her bucket.

The Christmas Photos!!!

I love the shine in Belle's eyes. You can almost see the treat in them.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Fifth Birthday Pismo!

Pismo is five years old today! He's been having a great summer swimming but here is a photo of him at 10 weeks old! Look at that face, what a cute little baby!

Happy Birthday, Mo!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Our September Visit To Disneyland...

We went on another trip to Disneyland this September, it was a fairly last minute trip and it was surprising how few people were at Disneyland. I cheered on the marathon runners I knew from our hotel room (like I would get up that early). We met up with several friends and I'm starting to think that's half the reason we go to Disneyland.

Weather was proud to be the smartest dog in the Bazaar!

Weather in front of the castle.

We went to Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. Belle and I were not amused. I like the show but the new set was not as entertaining as usual.

Wei Wei and the horse, Alec, had a unique understanding both being working animals, and were equally curious about the other.

The Mark Twain was mostly empty as we rode around the park Sunday Morning. Beautiful. I don't know why the second level is always empty, it's my favorite place to go.

Splash Mountain. Sam and I went on once but we didn't get that wet. :( I was really anticipating a soaking experience. I'm used to riding in the front and being drenched.
A strange bug we found on the train around the park. Isn't it cool?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Disneyand in July

We went to Disneyland this July for a brief trip. We mostly spent the time meeting up with friends and scooting around the park.

This Pinnochio loved meeting Belle.
Belle is under there!
Weather at the Mattherhorn.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Fun

Almost every year since I was born, I have been more or less dragged to Graceda Park in Modesto California to enjoy the "Concert in The Park". It's been going on for some where around 100 years. No, that's not a misprint, 100. My dad and family friends have been playing in it since I was born.

We go out weekly but this concert was special because it was Weather's first concert and it was the 4th of July concert.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Disneyland: June 2010

We went to Disneyland for a short weekend trip and it was fairly nice. The weather was gorgeous and had an overall good time. This was my view while I had my drink, waiting for dinner. I had just finished a six hour drive and certainly needed it.
We bought the World of Color dinner seating to see the new show in Disney's California Adventure. I did NOT like how crowded it was. I felt like I was eating on the table next to us. It was pretty much the same meal that I enjoy at Ariel's Grotto but without those annoying princesses. Along with the delicious salad there was a wonderful plate of pretty decorations. Nice of them to do that, huh?
My drink. I love drinks.

We went to see the World of Color after dinner and enjoyed the show, if not the seating.
I have been trying to take some more "artistic" photos but don't think my camera is up to par. The closest I got was this photo of a flower outside the Matterhorn.

We made our first ever dinner trip to the Club and found it pleasant.
To start I had the autumn field greens, sugared beets, and apple vinaigrette. It was okay but nothing above and beyond. After that I had the regional artisan cheese plate. I loved it. On the side was a candied apple side and it was great to mix with the cheese, I could have eaten that alone. I love cheese, apple, and crackers.
My brother and mom ordered the butternut squash bisque, I must say that that was amazing. I really liked it.
My aunt had the free range organic chicken, which I've had before, so I'm sure it was good.
I, in my attempt to eat most of what's on the Club 33 menu, had the prime braised boneless short rib with the sweet potato gratin. I LOVED it, it's my new favorite there! I even ate the decor.
The chateaubriand was good as usual.
All the women at the table had the triple chocolate. The caramel chocolate pudding in the tiny cup was absolutely fabulous! The chocolate ganache on the other end was mediocre, I had had it previously at the World of Color dinner. The molten chocolate cake in the middle was good.
Joey and Bo had the creme brulee. It was good but not as good as mine.
Wei was one of the first dogs to show NO fear of the balcony edging. She walked straight up to the railing and looked down at the tiny people wandering below. I'm not sure this is a good sign.
This was Wei's first trip to the Club and the manager was kind enough to provide her with a "1st Trip" button. I dressed her up with a bow in her hair. The staff was kind enough to bring her a bowl of water, that she kept trying to lay her head in. I think she thought it was a pool. She also truly enjoyed some chateaubriand.
Wei and I out on the balcony.
The Billies were out roaming, providing a free concert.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sunke!

Sunke is now 3 years old!
Happy Birthday, Sunke! Many hugs, kisses, and tail wags!

This is me and baby Sunke!

Sunke and I goofing around in history class; we were bored.